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Chapter 1- Kindergarten

For me Bullying started in Kindergarten, to be honest I did not even realize that is what was going on. I grew up in a time where kids will be kids. It was never anything truly awful, but it was bad enough. It started with the simple name calling. Four eyes, Weirdo, Freak, Dummy because I was a blonde. I am forever thankful for my best friend I met because she stood up for me when I was to afraid too. I was pegged as a target early on because I was very different from everyone. Even though I never felt different. I had the Nickname Care Bear so I believed in being kind even if it meant allowing others to call me names. It all seemed harmless, but it was not. The kids who bullied me did not stop at kindergarten it continued.

After Kindergarten I was sent to primary, this would be the start of my living nightmare, Because I did not act like other kids. Spoiler alert it was because I was Dyslexic so I did learn and think differently. This was where I met my true nightmare of a bully. Being named called was one thing, Being attacked, pinned and assaulted for being me was different. No matter how much I begged noon duties for help I never got it, I was just told to avoid them they were just being kids. That was the farthest thing from the truth. Being a kid is making mud pies and scrapping your knees playing on a play ground or swinging so high you thought you were going to fly away. Attacking another student chasing them making them feel dread and fear that is not being a kid.

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