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Polar Bear Snowflake

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

I have spent my entire life in Alaska and could not think of a more amazing place to live. I was born here and have never had the inkling to move. Living in a State where I can find a huge Moose lounging in my front yard or crossing a busy street is so common to see yet is always a gift. I have build a thriving business here and have grown as a photographer, which is not hard since there is always something to photograph up here. As much as I would love to think Alaska is pure and good as the new fallen snow it is not. I love being positive and seeing the good in all but I also believe in being a realist. On that note I have seen the bad in people and have been the target of bullies this is why I have taken on being the polar bear stance to help protect the future generation. You see up here in Alaska being a Snowflake means you are Unique you are different and that is perfectly amazing. Being different, thinking different can be rough because you are not going with the flow but it is something that needs to be nurtured and cared for. So I stand up for those who are bullied as a mother bear stands up for her cubs and I am not afraid to be a unique one of a kind Snowflake.

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